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Hi, I am Chrissie and I am needing some advice from anyone who knows anything about diabetes.  I have a problem with getting hypoglycemia at times, last night I had a one at night time and I was completely wiped out by it even after eating something.  I take Lantus at night and Novolin twice during the day.  My blood sugars run from normal to hypo from time to time.  Like today, I was running low this morning, ate something and got it back up to 98.  Then later it was going down because I could feel it, and I was down to 65.  So I ate something again to bring it back up.  I would like to know how to control my blood sugars so that I am not having hypos so often.  I eat a small breakfast in the morning with 30 grams of carbs, then 45 grams of carbs at lunch and dinner.  I don't eat anymore than that so I don't start gaining weight.  Type 2 diabetes is what I have, not Type 1.  Can someone help me? 


Hello Chrissie.... you may be able to add more carbs to your meals to help keep your blood sugars up.  The meals you have contain 45 grams of carbs or 3 carb units.  You may add another carb unit or 15 grams of carb to each meal.  Or if you are not eating snacks, you could have a carb unit between meals.  Experiment a bit and see how your body responds to the extra carbs in your diet.  You may find that is all you need.  You don't have to add a bunch of calories per se.  Add a piece of fruit and see how it goes.  You will not gain weight just so you don't go overboard.