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Hello all, I have type 2 diabetes and have managed my blood sugar levels for more than 10 years now with just diet alone. A couple of months ago, I started getting hypoglycemia on a regular basis. Since I have managed my blood sugar well for all these years, I'm, wondering what would have caused this to change? My diet is the same and I exercise as I always have. I don't understand this. Has anyone else had this happen to them. If so, I would like to hear what happened and what you did. I'm really at a loss at the moment. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


Hi, It is generally known that type 2s are specially at risk of hypoglycemia. The fact that you have been able to stabilize your blood sugar levels for over 10 years is commendable. I'm a type 2 as well and I have experienced hypos on and off. They seem to come out of no where. The only thing I can think of is that you have developed another medical condition that is affecting your metabolism somehow. This suggests to me that you should have a physical and do some blood work up to see if that reveals anything. In the meantime, you can run a test on yourself. Take in 20 grams of glucose or equivalent and test your blood glucose levels after 15 minutes when you have previously gotten a hypo. If you are still hypo then take in 20 grams more of glucose and check again after 15 minutes. Once you get back to normal levels, eat something (snack) if you next meal is more than a hour away. If you have glucose tabs you can use those or one tablespoon of sugar or honey, or 2 tablespoons of raisins to bring your sugar levels up. I hope this helps you with your hypos but remember, you really should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.