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is it normal for a 17 year old boy to lift 150 for the first time in over 2 years


hey i'm 17 too. I can bench 115, but my other fellow 17 year old male friends can bench up to 175. I even know a 16 year old boy who can bench 235 that goes to my school.

You should just bench as much as you can handle. Start out with 10lbs (two fives on each side) and if it's too easy add some weight. Just keep adding weight until you can feel your arms getting weaker. And start from there. Cuz 2 years is a long time, you can lose all your muscle mass in that time if you don't exercise.

If you haven't been working out lately you can lose muscle mass within 2 weeks of not benching. So in order to keep that strong you gotta keep weightlifting. Or do various exercises like pushups, or wall-ups (where you basically do a pushup while leaning against your favorite wall.