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Hi, I'm 5'3" (pretty much 5'4") and I weigh 120 pounds. I've done gymnastics since the age of 2 and joined a competitive team in Japan at the age of 8. I stopped doing gymnastics when I was 10 because I decided I needed a break, and everything's gone downhill since. I've always been quite a snacker, but I never gained any weight because I exercised so frequently and because I was little. I started competitive gymnastics again about 8 months ago but I had to quit about 3 months ago because my parents couldn't afford it. I ended up gaining more weight instead of losing weight because I'd eat heaps of food since I was always hungry and always got home late at night. When I quit I weighed 126-127 pounds and I assure you it was not all muscle. My coach even said I was "stocky". I've started to become really self conscious about my weight and sometimes I cry because I feel like a whale compared to all of my friends. I have thunder thighs while all of my friends are stick thin and beautiful. Please tell me what the average weight is for a 13 year old girl so I can figure out how much weight I want to lose. Thanks.


Based on your age, height and weight details, the average weight is 110pounds. You need to lose only 10pounds for maintaining fit body.