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For those of you who have tried to put on muscle in the past - How much lean weight can one expect to gain in one month?

I've gained around 5 - 6 lbs since New Years due in part to working out every other day, lots of protein, 3 weeks of creatine "assistance" plus abandoning my normal cardio work. If my body fat doesn't go up (which will be measured today or tomorrow), can I expect this growth to be all muscle mass? Is that normal? Is 5 lbs of muscle too much to expect in such a short time period?


Disclaimer :: I have to facts to back up the following statement.

I think a pound a week is a good gain. I'm sure it will taper off after a bit though. 52 lbs. of muscle in a year, I think, would be impossible.

The creatine may have factored into your weight gain. I know when I was on it, my weight shot up pretty quickly just from the extra water I was retaining.

Are you taking progress pics? I find those to be very motivating.


Here is the way to Mass. Follow it it works. Its No BS. Try it for 2 months, watch how strong and how much mass you gain. Read it and follow there is no deviation from this method.

Lifting Technique
Day 1
Chest 3 Sets of SIX If you can do more than six RAISE Weight. These are full seconds… 10 seconds and Six that you count. You will be using a lot LESS weight and its safer and you get more mass this way.

This is so hard to do, and the weight that you are lifting again will be way lower than a set where you do 10 just pumping them out.

NOTE: The last rep is the most important and your not supposed to get up the 4th or 5th on last set.

HOLD it and push as long as you can til 10 seconds or 6 if going down or Vice versa, Idea is you won’t be able to lift the last rep on last set but hold the weight for the correct time, if you get stuck on the last UP or Down just hold it for the time.
Once you fail… just wait a few seconds resting the weight on ya… and you will be able to power it up back to the bar because the weight is actually lighter than you normally work out with doing higher reps. You can rest up to 2 minutes between sets no longer, you are not hanging out but working out.

Do this work out for all body parts… Remember this too, most important Parts are LEGS number 1 and 2 Lats, they are the largest groups in body and studies show if you only work legs and lats you can actually gain muscle on other parts of body because the body sees it has to grow to handle what its being subjected to. This technique is for 1 thing Large Mass Growth, not being cut up …mass.

As far as all the protein you eat, you do not need these mass quantities that America is in a love affair right now. Your not gaining 5 lbs a weeks and you are literally throwing your money away. I’m not saying don’t take it, im just saying don’t go crazy, the average person doesn’t need 200 grams of it a day, its a freakin waste.

Save the money and buy some good quality Amino Acids. If you eat healthy and good you can take 1 shake a day for MASS and it will have all you need for the extra protein , calories and the other goodies in many of them, plus you can take a vitamin, amino acids, creatine and get your sleep that’s all you need. Everyone acts like they are some 350 lb. Gorilla and need all this sh*t to get big and you don’t, it’s a different story once you’re the gorilla, but right now your not.

Only Chest is shown, you add your other body parts accordingly:

Bench Press 10 Seconds on UPLIFT 6 Seconds Down
Flys 10 seconds Uplift 6 Seconds Down
Decline Press 10 seconds Uplift 6 Seconds Down

Day 6
Incline Press 6 Seconds Uplift 10 seconds Down
Flys 6 Seconds Uplift 10 seconds Down
Decline Press 6 Seconds Uplift 10 seconds Down

Day 11
Bench Press 10 Seconds on UPLIFT 6 Seconds Down
Flys 10 seconds Uplift 6 Seconds Down
Decline Press 10 seconds Uplift 6 Seconds Down

Day 16
Here is where you throw in the mix for confusion
Bench, Flys, and Decline Press all the same
4 Sets of 10-12

Day 21 Repeat Day 1
Day 27 Repeat Day 6
Day 33 Repeat Day 11
Day 38 Repeat Day 16



Thanks for your input.

No progress pics PH. It's kinda of hard to take pictures of myself and lord knows that I'm not taking clothes off in front of anyone else these days!



creatine makes you retain water. that could be a cause for your rapid weight gain.