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i m 16 year old ,want to gain muscle . how much maximum weight should i lift for better result.thank


It really depends on how much you can lift...

At 16, heavy weight is prob around 75 to 85lbs.

If you REALLY want to gain muscle, you're gonna do this:

Day 1 - 5 reps each of curls, squats, military press and bench press of 90lbs. Consume 180grams of Protien, 90oz water, multi-vitamin with mineral oil.

Day 2 - Cardio only, rest your entire upper body and consume same meal-plan as day 1 yet increase green-leafy veggies. The nitrogen in green veggs will cause your muscles to ignite properly and balance the proteins as you tear them down, and they rebuild themselves.

Keep doing this while increasing the max weight. If you increase your max weight by 20lbs in one week, put 2 days rest in between your upper-body workout days.

You will be the Hulk before summer. Stay drug-free, don't have sex(depletes proteins), don't drink alcohol, and sleep as long as possible.