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Anyone who's serious about building muscle in the gym has encountered one of the biggest threats to building their physique: the plateau. However, in this article, the reader will find several methods on exactly how to crush strength plateaus in the gym.

You’re in the gym, only moments away from performing the long-waited bench press. But this time is different. For the past few workouts, you’ve been stuck at the same weight, unable to complete any more reps. In an attempt to overcome this roadblock, you’ve scoured the internet looking for any means to help you increase the weight, trying all sorts of tips ranging from getting more sleep, to increasing rest period in between exercises, each claiming that it will work.

Hopeful, you approach the bench, and grip the cold, iron bar. You lift the weight, and ever so slowly, bring the bar to your chest and back up.

1 rep. 2 reps. 3 reps. Failure.

Another workout passes in which you fail to increase the weight, only making you more frustrated, and your goal physique further and further away.

The strength plateau: every bodybuilder’s greatest fear 

There’s nothing more frustrating than strictly tracking your macros, your calories, your workouts, or in other words, doing everything right, and then stalling on one of your lifts.

This is why strength plateaus can be both extremely confusing and frustrating. It not only makes you discouraged in the gym, but also feel less confident, and less in-control of your body and your health, though this is extremely far from the truth.

Indeed, this has been a problem that bodybuilders of all ages face, regardless of how new or old they are to the gym. Everyone experiences a plateau at some point in their weightlifting career (some more than others), as it is nearly impossible for the human body to continually progress on every exercise.

Typically, strength plateaus occur at certain weights for certain exercises. For example, this is typically at 135 lbs, around 180 lbs, and 225 lbs (and continues as you try to move more weight) for the bench press.


Plateau makes reaching your goal all the more challenging 

Regardless of when you hit the plateau however, one thing is certain: it makes reaching your goal all the more challenging. Everyone begins working out for a reason, whether it be to become more confident, to look better and healthier, or to impress others. Regardless, everyone who steps foot in the gym has (or definitely should if you haven’t) set goals.

Something like a strength plateau, sometimes on even light or “beginner’s” weight, should not set you back, and prevent you from achieving whatever you set out in the gym to accomplish. But with all the misinformation out on the internet, finding tangible ways to get past your plateau can seem almost impossible, making the plateau last sometimes as long as a few months. This only makes you even more frustrated.

Surprisingly enough however, using the correct techniques, you can overcome your strength plateau just as quickly as you encountered it. In this article there are 3 methods that cut through the plateau, and explain tried and tested ways to get past the strength roadblock and put you back on course to your gym goals.    

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