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My story....I always told myself that if I finally had it removed I would post my story to hopefully help others (as well I have a question).
Approx 9 years ago I noticed a small cyst on my scalp. It was not painful and did not bother me in any way. I have extremely thick curly hair and have always been told it was beautiful. My treat to myself was going to the hair salon every 1 to 2 weeks to have it shampooed, conditioned and blown dry and flat ironed. (I mention this because I did not wash it often. It never looked dirty as it was so thick and luxurious).
Over the years it quiety grew larger but since it never bothered me I didn't give it a second thought. One day I tried a new stylist. She has very rough and I felt her scratch the cyst with her comb very hard. Then begins the cyst from a nightmare story.
A few days later the cyst began to throb and was painful. I went to my doctor who told me it was infected and gave me oral antibiotics. It still grew and grew to the point of a plum. It developed a large whole in the middle, as it kept on and off draining. Just to reoccur and grow larger. I was now embarrased to go to a hairdressor. Even my kids told me it was so gross. I was so embarassed that I wore my hair in a ponytail at all times. I coloured, washed and even cut my own hair as I was so embarrased. To make a long story short...the next few years I was on and off antibiotics, went to approx. 3 Dermotoligists (who were no help), 1 Plastic Surgeon who advised me that it was way too large to operate. Finally, finally I found the right Plastic Surgeon. He calmly smiled, drained the kenitin immediately on the spot, told me to use Polysporin and made an appointment to have it surgically removed. I had it removed 2 days ago. I have 4 stiches which he will remove in 10 days. I am so happy that nightmare cyst is over. I wish I had found the right doctor in the first place. My question is: did this happen because I wasn't washing my hair often enough? Every 9 days or so? I never want another cyst like that one! The surgery was nothing compared to that embarassment. (Yesterday was a little painful the day after surgery but I took Tylenol and was fine)...why don't some doctors know that Antibiotics don't help???!!! Why didn't any of them drain out the Keritin for me until this wonderful doctor? Why did they refuse to do the surgery until this doctor??
I hope this story helps others.


     I share a similar story with u, if you don't mind me telling you about this. I noticed back in 2008 a small bump on the top of my scalp, close to my forehead, well about 2 inches from my forehead, anyways, i didn't givbe it much thought, and just thought maybe I had bumped my head or something. Well then this thing started getting bigger, and in 2009, I had entered beauty school, and you could actually see this thru my hair, if I pointed it our or sat a certain way. So I finally went to a clinic, due to not having insurance, which funny, I still don't, but they have a sliding fee scale, so that's where I went. So, they didn't numb me, and this woman who is a step below a regular doctor, just took a scapel and started slicing
into this huge thing on my head and pushing and omg, it was agonizing pain, and i was told they got the core and everything, so they paccked it with these little pieces of paper as i called them, and I had to go there, 35 minutes away every 2 days and have this changed, which they would pull this outta my scalp and refill it. Then we had a bad snowstorm, I couldn't get there, and it had been 6 days, my head felt like it was going to rupture, so i finally had to pull this packing out myself, it felt like my head exploded! Well I called that following Monday, and they said it should heal I didnt need stitches.
Time went on, and I was at a friends doing here nails, I took my hand and brushed my hair back outta my face and felt wetness, so we went to her bathroom and it had filled again, so I touched it and it busted like a huge zit, it was just yellow liquid. I let it go, and life moved on. Then another time, it filled and I picked the scab that was pushing outta my head, squeezed and it looked like a cone and it was a yellow foam, and then stopped. Then the next time is when things start going bad, the scab was like a point, i had cut my finger when I like ran it across it. I had to get tweezers this time, and pull this scab, this whole process i am about to tell took me about 30 minutes, so i get the scab start pushing again, and it wasn't puss, it wasn't a cheesy-like foam that all these doctors say comes out, this was like material, like a hard rough thick looking skin looking, god I really don't know what this is! I wish I could show you the pics I have taken of this, on several different occasions! The last time I have had to release this thing myself was 2 Tuesdays ago, at night-time prob around 8:00pm, due to a headache that just wouldn't go away! I had to once again get the tweezers to pull the little piece of scab, then squeeze this mass out, well it wouldn't just come loose so i had to take my tweezers and grab hold of this chunk of whatever and shake and twist them for about 30 seconds, and whatever came out, wasn't once again, chessy, smooshy,stuff they say should be coming out!
My manager at work the next day ordered me to go to our er here, and I just showed her the pics because of getting out of work, cause I told her i would go on the weekend, but I had a report due and after I got this stuff out I went and laid down and just "passed out". I have no energy, always have headaches, I am always tired, sometimes when i am driving i could fall asleep behind the wheel. I haven't been my upbeat self for a long time! I used to go to work and stay there till sometimes 7:30-8:00pm, off the clock, and then come home and do more work, because I love my job. But now I am lucky to even make it thru a full day of work, and just want to come home and sleep, I never wanna do anything!
The point of this whole awful story of mine is nobody seems to believe me when I tell them what's going on! Doctor's tell me this isn't causing my headaches or fatigue, yet I had a nurse practitioner say yes this is what's causing my headaches, the receptionist at Hyndman the other day held her hand up and showed me the size of this thing now and it's like a small tangerine! The reason i went back there is I can't afford a surgeon, so they did set me up with one in Everett Pa, tomorrow morning, i will be going to the office, the receptionist on the phone said the nurse practitioner is going to try to get this there, but if they couldn't in Hyndman, I don't see it happening there.  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use