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My daughter is five years old. I used to cut her hair shorter, but she is now at the stage where she has clear opinions on what she likes and doesn't like, and my daughter has now decided she would like to grow her hair long. With the loose curls that she has this is a bit of a challenge. It knots easily and is a pain to maintain. Do you happen to know anything about loose curls and how they are best styled? At this point, I know that I could do with some help!


I'm not exactly sure what type of curls she has. But maybe a bit of mousse(lol i think i spelt it right) will help it. I honestly think you should leave it natural. After a while you will learn how to fix according to her face. I just started wearing my hair curly about 3 years ago. I use to put a leave in conditioner in it. Now i just use mousse or wet it. and let it air dry.

p.s. i hope this helps you somewhat. :-D