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Hello everybody,

At my latest ob-gyn checkup, a month ago, my doc tested me for HPV and it turned out I was positive. Luckily, pap smear results were OK, but I know that having this infection means that sooner or later there is a chance that the results will not be OK and that I might get cervical cancer. So, that’s why I’ve been researching how to get rid of this virus and I know there is no official cure, but I was wondering if strengthening my immune system enough so that virus doesn’t have the chance to cause problems will be enough. I’m thinking I’ll need vitamins, but which vitamins do you think are best for boosting your immune system?


Folic acid has been found to reduce the severity of the infection and aid the cells in stopping viral replication. All women can support their own systems in preventing cervical dysplasia by simply adding adequate amounts of folate in the diet. If you choose to use a supplemental form of folic acid please check with a holistic practitioner to find the dose that is safe for your specific situation. Foods rich in folic acid can help support the immune system. Some of nature's most popular fruits and vegetables that are high in this B vitamin include oranges, cantaloupe, asparagus, avocados, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, brussels sprouts, papaya, cabbage, bananas, peaches, peanut butter, and nuts (soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds enhances digestibility and allows greater absorption of nutritional content)

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