Hello running forums users! I am here for a bit of advice.

I have run before with the rowing team in high school, and I am now in a Marine Corps officer accession program at my university. The Marine Corps PFT running portion consists of a 3 mile run with the maximum score being 18:00 and my current score being about 23:30. My goal is to reach at least <20:00 and I need some help.

The other major issue is my body composition. I am not within standards for body fat percentage. The maximum for my height and age is 18% while I am at about 20%. Diet advice would particularly useful. Do consider that I must continue to gain strength for the pull-up portion of the test, as it is the one that carries the most weight.

Anything will be helpful. Advice, workout plans, diets, anything is appreciated.

Thanks again to anyone who responds