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Hello All,
My name is Adam and I am currently enlisted in the US Navy. The program I am going for requires doing a physical test consisting of 500meter swim, max pushups, max situps, and max pullups, followed by a 1.5 mile run. We get two minutes of rest between each.
Currently I have no problem passing the first parts, but the run is giving me problems. We are required to do it in under 11 min, my PR is 10:20 but that is doing it without the other things first. When I do the other things first the best I can manage is around a 12:00.
I was wondering if anyone had any training ideas and advice to help me get through this barrier? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Adam,

How much are you currently running? I would suggest doing pushups, situps, and pullups before your run and then head out for 3-4 miles. This will get you used to running after a hard effort and also increase your endurance.

Don't worry about the pace of the run when you start, but during the last mile gradually pick it up until you're running your goal race pace of about 7:20 / mile.

Another quality workout that will help you with this is running 1 mile easy, then running 4-6 400m hill repeats, jogging back to the bottom for recovery, then another 1 mile easy.

Good luck! Cheers,

- Jason.