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What is a good running schedule for a 17 year old male?
I run about 2-3 miles before school every day, im training for a fast 3 mile (marines), and i want to maximize my workout.
So far i have been doing run two days, one day off, run two days, one day off, etc...
Is this a good healthy running sched?


Hi there,

I was in the Marines for 5 years, and my wife is currently in. I'll give you some advice, since no one has replied to you yet, but as a warning, I'm just going off of experience, not science.

The best way to improve your 3-mile time is to just keep running 3 miles. Over and over again. Same with pull ups and crunches. The best way to improve is by just doing them. I used to run a self PFT everyday, so when it came time to do my actual "graded" PFT, it was hardly a strain for me, because I was already doing it everyday.

Other than that, you want to improve your speed and your endurance. So add in some sprint days and a long run once in a while. I wouldn't bother going any longer than 4 miles if you just want to max out your 3 mile time.

Past that, it just sort of depends how hard you want to push yourself and how many days a week you want to run.

An example schedule would be:
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: Sprints
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: Rest

Also, it is very important for your 3 mile runs to time yourself every time. This will help you to keep and improve your pace. Set goals for each lap time and try to keep it. If you have a treadmill with incline, try a 3 mile run at a very slight incline.

Hope this helps, and good luck!