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Question for all you experts out there. ive let my run go and have been working on it for the past month.
i just ran a 2 mile yesterday and finished it at 18:40.
my first mile was around 7:50 and the second lap i just had nothing and slowly ran out of energy/breath.
Is it possible to get my time down to 15:56 or below within the next 18 days? if you have any suggestions or tips id appreciate it..


What's your prior running history?
How much time have you taken off?

Personally, one month is a short amount of time to build up a solid base to run miles that quickly in a month when you are not used to it. However, you may have produced better results at another time where these times are disappointing (especially that second mile).

I know that you'll get some good advice with a few people here who are exceptional when it comes to running the short races.

And WELCOME! :wavey: