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so i've decided to get into shape...I'm not sure how to get a running schedule going though...I can use the treadmill at my gym by I have no idea how far to start running each day and what speed to do it on...I'm far from overweight but i'm unfit, I drink, I smoke, I don't do any sports and I'm quite slow.

I just want advice on how to start off and how much I have to hit the treadmill a week and at what intensity to see a noticeable change.


I would run a half-mile or mile at 4-times a week. You might try setting the treadmill to a fast walking speed at first and as you get more comfortable, you can increase your speed. You could also run the last 1/4 mile at a jogging pace with a walking pace in the beginning. The key is to do it at your own pace and one that you are comfortable with. Once you finally get to jogging the mile, then you can jog for longer distances. If you are smoking, you'll probably be hurting during the runs and it will be difficult. It might actually help you quit smoking since it will be so taxing on you if you continue to smoke.