I recently been diagnose with level one hpv, and im goin thru all of the steps to get it taken care of. 3 months ago(august 20th) i had a colposcopy exam for it and 2 days later my period came. It was due for it anyway, cuz my period usually stays within a 2 to 3 day radius of the time I came on the month before. This month i had the same exam done on oct 17th and here it is a week later (the 24th) and i havent started bleeding yet. I have taken a preg test and it was negative. I find myself gaggin at some things but nothing serious. Could I be pregnant? I am waiting until mid next week to see if my period come there. But I guess im questioning because if with my last exam brought on my period, how come it didnt bring this one on as well? Could the exam have been too soon before my period was suppose to come? Please help with anything you can think of, and nothing negative/offense. thanks