Hey all, maybe you can help me shed some light on something.

I have been using iPeriod (for iPhone) to help me keep up with my periods. I've never been "like clockwork," but usually have been normal enough. Within about a week of when I assume I should start, I do, with few exceptions. The app has seemed to keep up pretty well with when I'm going to start.

According to the app, the week of Jan 30-Feb 5 I should have been fertile/ovulating. (I know this is just a guess on it's part). My last period before that started on Jan 23, went through the 24th, and spotted on the 25th. This is fairly usual for my periods. They're often very short and very light. On the 30th of Jan and the 4th of Feb, my husband and I were intimate.

On the 17th of Feb, my period came, albeit a few days early (usually it's a week late rather than any early. Have never had a cycle shorter than 28 days). The first day seemed like my "normal" period, darker brown and light. The following days just seemed more like spotting. After the end-of-period-spotting had been done for a few days, I noticed one day of spotting again. I just figured it was something strange and noted it on my app.

Now, my period should have come for March on the 20th. Here we are at April 10, and still nothing. The longest my cycle has ever been is 38 days, and at day 53, this seems a little long, even for that.

I have taken a handful of HPTs, one at one week late, another at 2 weeks late, and another just a few days ago. All negative. I have a HGC blood test scheduled for my OB/GYN on Wednesday, so will have some professional input by then, but I wondered if any of you guys had anything insightful to say about my situation.

Any advise, etc., would be appreciated. :-)