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My husband (age 55) has had an upper respiratory infection for the past week with a low grade fever. He has high blood pressure and diabetes and is on medications. He just came in from plowing the driveway in 23 degree weather and complained of a swollen upper lip as well as feeling sick all over. He has not eaten any new foods or taken any new meds recently. This has never happened before. I wanted to take him to the hospital, but he doesn't want to go. It is Sunday and a snow storm is in progress. We are really concerned, and will of course call the MD tomorrow. In the meantime, he has taken an antihistamine and wants to drink hot tea. I don't what the proper treatments for this are and would appreciate any hyelp you can offer me.


Hi! The same thing has happened to me three days ago and I haven’t figured the cause yet.

I am not allergic to any foods or substances but that morning I woke up with swollen eyes and the upper lip. I panicked and went to see a doc straight away. I was given a cortisone shot, and epinephrine and it has subsided until the evening.

I am still confused and I have been unable to find any possible solutions. I am afraid that it might happen again, maybe during my sleep and I am afraid that it could be worse.

What ever info I find, it is about the allergies, or an insect bite and I even ran into a condition called granulomatous cheilitis but I honestly doubt I suffer from it.

Has the swelling subsided when you gave your husband that antihistamine?

Have you phoned the hospital? Any significant information from them?
I would appreciate if you could give me any feedback if you receive any significant information. Thank you


A similar thing happened to me the other night.

I hadn't changed my diet in a while, but I did have a cold at the time. I woke up in the middle of the night with some slight swelling on the inside of my right upper lip. I ignored it, and went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later, and my entire right upper lip was swollen in size, and very slightly numb as well. It didn't disappear for another ten hours!

As with user Miia, I checked on the internet and the only information I found was either about allergies, insect bites, or granulomatous cheilitis.

I also took an antihistamine like the guests husband.

I have no idea what the condition could be.