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Lately I have had a new sexual partner and after sex with him, the right side of my upper lip swells up.  It goes down by morning, but is still a little swollen.  I had some work done to my upper lip 4 months ago i.e., Restylane and a tiny bit of Botox.  Could this be it?  This has never happened before.


Hello there,

You will need to see your doctor about this problem. I believe that only what your new sexual partner might be doing is biting your upper lip, but I believe that you would feel that and that you would know this is causing the swelling of your upper lip.

If you want to be sure that nothing is wrong go and see your surgeon. Maybe you will need to repair this lip if something wasn’t done as it should and maybe it is time for new cosmetic procedure. Anyhow, it seems to me that this is minor problem which you will resolve in no time. Keep us posted and good luck.