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Every time I let myself have a really good cry, my upper lip swells just below my nose. The first time, it was very bad, and I looked like a duck for almost 3 days. I took prednisone to get the swelling down. It's happened three times over the course of the past six months. I've determined that it is not allergy related--foods, environment, tissue, etc. Any ideas on why this is happeneing?



You have to understand that this is not that rare and it happens to many people. In some cases the swelling is more frequent that yours. Have you had any injuries in the upper lip? Have you tried to apply ice on your swelling? I know that ice should help reduce the swelling. Have you noticed any bleeding with the swelling? I know that some people try to apply the warm tea bag as well to get rid of the swelling. I think that this might be helpful even if this is the case of allergies or some sort of an infection that is causing your swelling.

I hope that this was helpful in any way.