Well, last April i had a fixed brace applied and after a few weeks of having these braces on my friend noticed that my top lip had increased in size. It seems that the following months after this my lip had gradually got bigger and bigger. By the time September came the left side of my top lip had got bigger. By the time December came my lip started to feel more uncomfortable and had actually increased in size again. When i looked in the mirror i could notice the abnormality alot and it got to a point where in February i demanded the braces be removed because i thought it was the brace that was causing the problem. I had the brace removed in February and there have since been reduced swelling in my upper lip but it is still there and sometimes gets worse then at other times. Looking in the mirror last week i noticed that it was not just my lip that was swollen but the left side of my face. The swelling is in the corner of the left side of my upper lip and partially around the left side of my upper mouth. It looks as though somebody has hit me, but nothing such has happened to make my lip and partially part of my face swell.
The doctors at my local hospital thought it could have been an allergic reaction to the metal on my brace. Since my brace was removed it has gone down very slightly but doesn't look to be going down hugely at all.
The upper right side of my upper lip is fine, my bottom lip is perfectly fine its just the particular swelling on the left side of my upper lip and face that is my concern.