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Hi all,

Lately I've come down with the cold and I'm in the process of recovery. Two days ago I've been taking medication to suppress the symptoms. The medication I've been taking is over-the-counter drugs called "Lemsip Cold & Fly Capsules (with caffeine) "

Last night before I went to bed (around 1 AM) I started feeling my upper lip (the right side of it, or the left side if you were looking at me) swelling and getting really hot. I thought it was another cold sore so I used the cold sore cream I used a previous cold sore a few weeks ago called Cymex which a pharmacist gave me. When I woke up this morning the side of my upper lip is/was swollen and when I hold my "regular" upper lip just above my lower, the swollen part droops down - it's very noticeable and embarrassing.

Like the id**t I am I touched it a bit it felt like watery stuff came from it when the skin was removed. I googled pictures of common cold sores and -one- picture of something like I have came up but the rest were like the old one I had.

I haven't done anything yet but I hope I don't have to go to the doctor... I must be his most frequent patient being the hypochondriac that I am. Early december I had to see him about my breathing problems, late december I had to see him about a cold/flu I was coming down with... and now this ... thing.

I know "I'm too embarrassed" or something is a stupid excuse not the se the doctor about an illness but I was wondering if anyone had an idea...


Sounds like you have an allergic reaction to something. It could have been a contact dermatitis, or even a systemic reaction to something in the food that you eat, or medicine that you take. Go see a doctor if the swelling continues to get worse, or if it does not subside in a few days. I don't think you are a hypochondriac. You are just taking care of business.