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Hello all, I seem to have a problem with hyperglycemia. In fact, it is hyperglycemia induced by exercise. Is this normal? It seems to me that exercise is supposed to lower your blood sugar levels and that was the reason we are exercising to begin with. So, why to I have high blood sugar levels after I exercise. Am I doing something wrong? If so, what do I need to do to correct this. I've been very good at managing my diabetes for the most part as I know how critical that is. But, for some reason, something is not working for me. Anyone else out there with this problem. Would you please share with me what you have done to correct this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi, I think that most diabetics have experienced high blood sugar levels after they exercise. More so the question is how high is it. More often than not, your blood sugar levels will not be that high and if that is the case you don't have anything to worry about. If this continues and its higher (way high) this is of concern and you probably need to talk to your diabetes manager or doctor and they will be able to help you with that. If left unchecked you could develop hyperglycemic hyperosmolar non-ketototic syndrome and this is very serious and can not be left untreated. This calls for immediate attention. This calls for possible changes in medication as well as a very strict diet. So, it's good that you're asking about hyperglycemia induced by exercise. It looks like you test your blood sugar levels regularly and that is important. Keep up the good work and you shouldn't have any real complications. I know I had problems with higher glucose levels than normal when I first started a regime of exercise. But, I was able to alter my exercise to keep the blood sugar levels fairly normal. You would expect a rise in blood sugar after exercise but it shouldn't be that much.