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Hi everyone, I have a question. Hopefully someone out there can help me. I keep having hyperglycemia problems and I can't get it under control. What if my hyperglycemia goes untreated? I'm able to get some control of my sugar levels but several times a week I have the sugar swings such that I'm really high and then really low. And, it's getting more frequent. Has anyone out there had this problem and if so how did you get it under control. I'm mean some times I'm so proud of myself and other times I could kick myself. My husband tells me that I could have serious complications as time goes by if my hyperglycemia goes untreated. Is this true? Thanks



Hello, Your husband has a right to be concerned. If you hyperglycemia become chronic you will have some serious long-term complications. The problem is that long-term complications develop slowly through time and then all of a sudden you have a serious problem. The problems you generate with poorly controlled diabetes is severe. You will have complications with the cardiovascular system. Simply put heart and blood vessel disease. That right there increases your risk of stroke, heart attack and PAD (peripheral artery disease). And, that's just the beginning. Your kidneys are working overtime to get rid of excess glucose so your kidneys fail. Now you have no way to filter your blood and toxins build up. All the while the nervous system is going down. Nerve damage is inevitable and this leads to symptoms like tingling sensations and a sense of burning. Nervous system damage can include and commonly does retinopathy which can render you blind. Other eye diseases include glaucoma and cataracts. These complications WILL happen if you allow your hyperglycemia to go untreated. So, getting your blood sugar levels under control is an absolute must. Believe me, you don't want to have any of the above complications. If you need to, get a diabetes manager to help you. They can show you what to do.