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Hello all, I need some help. I think I have hyperglycemia symptoms. What I mean is that I have a racing heart and it's kind of scary. I'm not sure what I have but I sure hope it goes away because it is very uncomfortable. I feel shaky all over and my face is red and I really don't feel well. Has anyone else experienced this and can you help me to get rid of it? I happen to live by myself so I don't have anyone to talk to or help me when I have medical problems. If you know anything about this I would appreciate some help. Thanks



Hi, it sounds like you just might have hyperglycemia. This is when you have very high blood sugar levels and usually they is a major symptom of diabetes. I believe diabetes is the most common cause of high blood sugar levels. I was wondering if you are taking any medications because that could cause those symptoms as well. Are you thirsty all the time and do you have to pee a lot? These are common symptoms associated with diabetes. If you're blood sugar levels get really high this can be a serious medical emergency. Have you had these symptoms for long? You need to see a doctor as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis. If you have diabetes, the doctor will probably prescribe insulin or other medication that will help get your blood sugar back to normal. You'll need to go on a restricted diet and a regular regime of exercise to help you maintain proper blood sugar levels. Don't wait too long to see a doctor because your symptoms will get worse and that can bring about serious chronic medical problems such as nervous system damage. It's possible for you to get eye damage and blindness set in and possible loss of limbs. This is serious and nothing to fool around with.