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Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused here. Need some input. Some of my reading indicates that the lowest hba1c group has the highest mortality rate. I don't know, that doesn't seem reasonable to me. I thought we were supposed to keep our hba1c's low like between 6 to 7. Okay, I've also read that the hba1c scores are not necessarily accurate. Can anyone shed some light on this. Would really like to know what's correct and not. I've never had a low hba1c score in fact I'm up somewhere between 7.5 and and 8.5 which I have been told is not really bad. Anyway, thanks for any info.


A person who doesn't have diabetes will run highs and lows throughout the day and that is perfectly normal. When your BG levels tend to go to very low extremes or very high extremes, this is cause for alarm. Extreme hypos have been reported to generate seizures, coma and possibly death, however these are really low BG levels. Many people report BG levels as low as two with no real symptoms but of course they pull their BG levels up quickly and they get back to normal. If your BG levels are high, this can cause thirst, excess urination, dehydration etc and if left unchecked can cause serious consequences. It seems to me that both are bad if left unchecked but as far as the lowest hba1c group having greater mortality seems somewhat unreasonable. If you end up in the hospital due to low blood sugar and you go into coma, it's possible that you may die. But, if you allow high BG levels to persist you can die as well. The medical community seems to concentrate on low BG but I honestly don't see that there is a difference for death to occur with high BG. There are other medical conditions that need to be looked like blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels which can contribute mortality. I think that lowest hba1c creates greater mortality is too black and white. Well that's my two cents anyway.