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Hi, I happen to have diabetes type 2 and I was wondering about hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotoic syndrome and pH levels. I don't seem to have this problem but I have a friend who does who is genuinely concerned about this. I have hyperglycemia from time to time but mostly it is mild and due to the fact I ate something I shouldn't have. Does anyone out there have experience with this and what do you do about it. This sounds pretty serious to me but I don't think my friend is taking it seriously. If you have any information for me it would be helpful. thanks


Hello, Wow that's a mouth full isn't it. It sounds dastardly and it is. I'm guessing but it sounds like your friend is up in years. Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic snydrme (HHNS) is quite often seen in the elderly and it is very serious. This condition can occur in individuals with either type 1 or type 2 where there blood sugar is mismanaged. According to the literature, HHNS is more common in type 2 and is often comes about by an illness or some type of infection. In this case sugar levels rise and your system tries to get rid of the excess sugar by way of th kidney and passing it into urine. Initially, you make a lot of urine and how to pee a lot. However, down the road a way you will have go pee less often and your urine begins to turn dark. This is serious indeed. You need to continue drinking a lot of water at this time or you will become dehydrated. If this condition continues, you will end up with severe dehydration and this can lead to seizures and possibly comma and maybe death. This condition can take a number of day to weeks to fully develop. It helps to know the warning signs I listed above so that you can get immediately. Generally speaking, your blood pH levels are normal.