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Hi, I seem to have a problem. Sometimes I get hyperglycemia before bed. I must be doing something wrong. Does anyone out there have the same problem? Most of the time I have my blood sugar levels under control. I just can't understand why I would have high blood sugar levels before I go to bed. Sometimes I eat late in the day and on occasion I exercise in the evening but that only happens a few times a week. Could this have anything to do with it? Does anyone exercise and/or eat something before they go to bed that has the same experience. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi there, Last year I had a similar problem. It was about the time I changed my exercise times from morning to the evening. It was a matter of getting rid with a friend who exercises after work in the early evenings. I found that I was hungry after exercising and so I would eat something. When I measure my blood sugar levels before bed, I found that they were high. I talked with my friend and she said it had to do with the exercise and eating. So, after a few weeks I went back to exercising in the morning. Then I didn't eat anything before I went to bed. My blood sugar levels returned to normal and I've been okay ever since. I think you need to exercise at another time of the day. That way you won't get hungry before you go to bed so you won't eat anything. See if that doesn't lower your blood sugar levels before you go to bed. I think that will do the trick, at least it did for me. If that doesn't work, I suggest you go to your doctor and discuss this with him/her to see if there is some other problem beyond exercising in the evening and eating before you go to bed.