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Is it normal that your blood sugar levels are higher in the morning? This morning, I noticed that my blood sugar was spiking, and this is not something that happened to me before. This is a new situation for me and I would like to know what it means. Can you help?



I know that here are two possible explanations for this. One is called Dawn phenomena. It is said that your body from 3AM till 8AM consumes stored glucose while it releases hormones that reduce bodies sensitivity to insulin. This is one reason why you experience high blood sugar in the morning. The other one is called somogyi effect. I’m not sure I know too much about this effect. It has something to do with rebound hyperglycemia. It is also connected with the hormone release caused by low blood sugar.

How long do you have diabetes? Have you changed your diet recently? Could this be also affecting your blood sugar levels? Try to talk to your doctor about this.