I've been worrying about this for way too long. Since the beginning of this year I've become obsessively scared of schizophrenia. I have a deep fear of it and am terrified of developing it. This all started in the 31st of December. I decided to smoke marijuana to see if it would help with my anxiety. It didn't help at all. In fact, it made it much worse. I was alone in my bathroom (high) and it was dead quiet. For some reason, I started to hear my aunt's voice in my head. It didn't sound like she was talking to me directly. It was simply random fragments of speech that had no correlation with what I was thinking about. They weren't negative sentences either (for example: she wasn't insulting me or anything). It was pretty much how she would sound if she was talking to somebody else.

        After this event, I've been terrified and have felt as if I'm experiencing an onset of schizophrenia. The very next day, I read about hypnagogia/hypnopompia. This put my mind at ease for a while, because it was exactly what I had experienced. However, I've still been both consciously and subconsciously scared of developing schizophrenia. The event that happened to me on the 31st still happens to me 'till this day. It mostly happens when it's either really quiet or when there's white noise in the background (for example: when I'm in the shower or doing the dishes and the water is running). The voices are usually those of my mother or other family members/friends. They never say anything negative. They never really speak to me directly. They never sound like they're coming out of my head. They sound more like thoughts. I haven't experienced any delusions or visual hallucinations. I do experience specs of light, but this happens when I look at bright lights or white screens due to eye floaters. I due have some pretty bad anxiety, both health and social. These voices tend to appear more when I think about them obsessively. They never interfere with my actual thoughts. 


I just really want to know if this is just really bad anxiety playing tricks on me or if I should concerned (more than I am now, which isn't really possible). I know I should be seeing a professional, and I am, but the appointment is so far away and I just can't stay clear-minded 'till then. Any help will be highly appreciated.