I am a 13 yr old boy and I'm not one of the most normal kids. I think I have Schizophrenia but my parents say I don't. About a month ago, I met someone who had Schizophrenia and I asked her what the symptoms were. I found they were exactly what I've had since I was about 3. Hallucinations, voices, loss of balance, I can't go to sleep early at night and whenever I wake up, it's normally around 11:30am, I stutter quite a lot when I speak, I can never focus on just one thing but my parents keep denying I have Schizophrenia.  I've been to a psychologist before to talk about my hallucinations but I didn't hear what she had to say. I'm behind on a lot of my schoolwork and I talked to my teacher about it. She mentioned something about Schizophrenia as well. I was wondering if you think I have Schizophrenia or I'm just paranoid.