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My boyfriend is in the middle of withdrawing off of methadone as I type this. So here's the story, he was addicted to heroin for about a year. When he went to get clean, he withdrawed cold turkey and then began suboxone. He was on suboxone for a few months but then relapsed. When he went cold turkey for a second time, he took the sub too early and went into full precipitated withdrawal. THE WORST WITHDRAWLS EVER! Anyways, we aren't taking any chances of taking sub too early. About a week ago he was on 60mg of methadone and managed to ween down to 40 and 20 all within a week. It has been 47 hours since his last dose of methadone. I was wondering how long he should wait to take the suboxone he has. He is 5'11" an about 130 lbs. I know methadones half life is a lot longer than most drugs and it sticks to your body fat. I'm hoping since he has a lot less body fat that he can take the suboxone quicker.


People are normally recommended to got without methadone for 24 hours min, and Heroin for at least 9 hours before your Suboxone dose.

Suboxone works best if the person is withdrawing, your boyfriend should be fine if he is 47 hours free of methadone.