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Two days ago, I cooked Carolina Rice(in goya seasoning) and mexican beans in sauce in the can along with Salsbury steak. I really liked the rice and beans and had a second helping. I drank lots of water afterwards. In the middle of the nite, I was feeling like I needed to vomit but couldn't. Though I tried, thee only thing that came up was clear and it was acidic. Next came what felt like cramps from doing mad sit-ups but wasn't. For two days now, I have this uncontrollable
constant hunger so severe it wakes me up in pain. I have had plain toast, crackers, water, dry cereal you name it. The only thing that has temporarily worked for me and not for long either was tonic water and a little salt added. A little sanity and peace in a bottle.What the heck is this a conspiracy on America from terrorists? Think about it, what gives. Everybody who wrote about thee exact same issue and pretty close in dates too. Scary or a serious medical issue? Even after eating I'm still hungry! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi there, it sounds to me like you might actually be suffering from food poisoning. I think that frankly this is a serious issue and you should see a doctor about it because it sounds like it is not getting better anytime soon. Can you do that soon? Let me know how you're doing.