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they are:
Milk, All Soy Products, Whole Wheat, Kidney Beans, Green peppers, and Garlic.  oh yeah some sorts of caffeine.  i get acid reflux.  and i throw up about three times a week.  i think my esophagus is getting ruined.  no-good for me

is there anything i could do to stop feeling naushas and throwing up?

thanks again



Hi Michael,

I have had gastro issues for years and doctors have always dismissed me and said it was reflux, but I took pills and nothing helped. Then, my undiagnosed food allergies got so bad I started having panic attacks because I was literally poisoning myself with the very foods I should not have been eating.

My boyfriend has always been sensitive to garlic and he suggested I may be too. Since then, I have tried omitting it from my diet (which is difficult as it is in EVERYTHING) and I have recently had allergy testing. I was tested for 20 items and was allergic to 16 (yikes!).  I am allergic to garlic, eggs, soy, pinto beans, dairy, peppers, onions, string beans, barley (hello... beer?!?), among others, and wheat and corn came back inconclusive. I am sure I have many others, but I was paying for each item individually so had to pare down.

I have gone through two vomiting phases as well, but havent had an episode in years. The way to help restore your life is to change your diet... completely. I was eating way too many spicy foods, carbs, and raw fruits and veggies. I was seasoning all my foods like crazy with a whole bunch of robust spices thinking it was "healthy" and it was only making my stomach/health way worse. The more SIMPLE and bland I eat now, the better I feel. White rice and cooked vegetables have been a lifesaver (cooked carrots, cauliflower, etc) and not 5 vegetables on your plate at once, one or two. Again, keep things simple is best. Your gut needs time to heal and it can literally take years, so be patient.

Also, look into Aruyveda, the ancient Indian system of food and healing. Their philosophy is that food can either nurture the body or poison it. You would need to follow what type is most out of balance (from your symptoms, it sounds like it is PITTA, ie. fire) so you would eat to offset fire. Example. If you have too much fire, onions and garlic are already heating, so they are just going to give you more of what you already have and aggravate your gut but if you ate white rice (cooling), it would help to put out the fire, so to speak. Again, google it, there is a ton of info! Also, you can look into the acid/alkaline balance of foods as well.

I wish I could tell you this was easy, but every day holds its challenges. Best of luck to you, fellow sufferer!