Society has perhaps put too much of an emphasis on the importance of being big and strong. Thanks to that chunk of humanity, men are getting away with overeating – and not necessarily the best kinds of food.

Because women and their weight and figure are more of an obsession to them, the inverse conditions are more likely to be present among this gender group.

No matter where a man is from, mothers have and always will cook for their boys and make them have seconds and even thirds.

Besides, boys can. Or so do many societies think; in a world of large equal power, the larger a man, the more powerful he is.
Food and overeating can be a manifestation of boredom or stress too. Ever found yourself munching out of an extra butter, extra salt, bowl of pop corn for no reason whatsoever? You could have been bored and unconsciously ate the whole thing, but perhaps you were stressed out and found comfort in overeating. Certain foods can work as comforting agents, and when under a lot of stress, we ravish upon them like there was no tomorrow.

The trouble with overeating in men is it might not be as obvious as other eating conditions. And yes, overeating is not considered an eating disorder, but it sure can cause a lot of damage. It can escalate and develop into an eating disorder, cause obesity and consequently cause heart problems, with obesity it can cause self-esteem and self-confidence issues; the list goes on.

So next time you are sitting in front of the TV watching a movie, make that super sized bowl a small one. Change chips for crudités and yogurt dip, or cut off completely and go running instead of having couch-potatoe time so often.