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my eating habits are extremely bad, i either don't really eat anything/ really low amounts of calories or i eat everything and this has been going on for about 2 years now . for the past 2 weeks i have gotten myself in to a very bad binge eating cycle which i can not seem to get out of but 3 weeks before that i was only having 100-500 calories daily and i know that's unhealthy, i don't need people lecturing me about it , but as soon as i start restricting my calories all the weight i gained from binge eating just drops right of so then i get addicted to barely eating and then after a few weeks i will binge eat once and then that's when my binge eating cycle will start again , i used to not purge after binge eating which was a few months ago but now if i do binge eat i will throw up everything until i only see stomach acid, my mum knows i purge but she just tells me to stop doing it . but its not that easy to break a habit that i have had for months . my binge eating always seems to start when i am home alone and i eat huge amounts of food its actually really embarrassing how much i can eat in an binge eating episode but then i feel so bad/fat after it that i just cant help myself from throwing up so then i tell my self im going to restrict my calories the next day and then the next day i end up binge eating again and then finally 1 week later sometimes even 2 i am then restricting my calories successfully i first started purging occasionally when i was 11 and when i was 7 i started refusing to eat and i don't really remember why and i dropped a huge amount of weight and spent allot of time getting needles and blood tests. but i guess my question is does it sound like i have an eating disorder or is this normal thing for every teenage girl, i think i may be bulimic and have a binge eating disorder as well but according to research i have done people with binge eating disorders do not purge and this may sound stupid but should /do i need to get medical help ?



I have to be honest with you, to me, it sounds like you do have eating disorder and you do need to see a medical expert to start dealing with the underlying causes of the disorder. This is not a normal thing every teen girl does, even though I talked recently to one girl who basically said 'all my friends are doing it, but how do I learn to purge'. She was obviously under peer pressure from her friends and didn't actually had any problems eating regularly.

But, when you cross the point where you starve yourself, binge and then purge - while feeling embarrassed for doing all that and not being able to break this cycle - you need help from a professional before things escalate even more. You're in puberty and developing and you need nutrients to develop properly. Continued binging and purging can cause you very severe problem in the future: stomach acid damages your esophagus and teeth when you throw up and since you're not getting enough minerals and vitamins your hair and nails will also suffer. And those are only the changes visible outside.

So please, try getting medical help as soon as you can.

Wish you all the best,