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I'm 17 years old and never had sex because I'm worried about my penis I only recently started pulling my foreskin back to reveal the head. When I did some there was white stuff all over the head of my penis I know this was due to lack of washing. I have resolved this problem and can now pull my foreskin back easily when it's not erect but cannot pull it back when it is erect because it hurts ! Also behind my foreskin is really sensitive so I can't touch it which means when I masturbate I do it with my foreskin covering my head. I have tried pulling my foreskin all the back before I start to mastrubate so then my penis will be erect and the head will be pulled back aswell but when im not erect and my foreskin is pulled back I can't get erect!! Does this mean I have erectile dysfunction? All these factors have made me putt off sex I can't pull my foreskin back when erect does that mean sex will hurt ? The back of my foreskin is really sensitive I can barley touch it which makes it hard to clean it. And I don't know who I can to talk about it too I'm scared to book an appointment with a doctor because I don't know how to say what's wrong with me ? Please help!!!


Hi Annoymus,

Nothing is wrong with you.  You just need to stretch your foreskin.

Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin OR use your fingers to spread the opening.  It may help to do it in the shower as the warm water helps soften the skin.

It is NORMAL for your glans to be very sensitive - even painful.  The foreskin has protected the nerves and they aren't used to being exposed or touched.  It will lessen in time.

The more you stretch the sooner you'll be able to easily pull the foreskin back.  You can also leave your glans exposed NOW and it'll help reduce the sensitivity.

Hope it helps.