haii, im vibi

 In my childhood (upto 15 age)   i  hav a very good memmory power and it is very fast too, mens i can rememeber the thing fast and quickly.very interest in maths an d sciece subject. english subjct is little bit difficulty on that time too. At he age of 15, i had affected epilepsy.Now i had 30 yrs.. i am a postgraduate holder. After secondary school examination (age 15) i  cannot get quick memory power ..means i cannot rermemer the things ,yesterday or  before day activity   suddenly.now i feel very difficulty to recollect the memory  step by step. but i dont hav not much to recollect the striking  activitry. i had epilepsy in 7 or 8 times in between age 15 and 26. earlier i was not concentrate this problem very much. but now i feel very much...i took zeptol cr 400, frisium 10 and diamox for epilepsy.  i am a social worker. i hope may be this a part of epilpsy . but my neurolagist said that this is not a part of epilepsy..i dont know..but i feel, my memory not working effictively. could you plz suggest me what i need to do ??.. or how can i improve my memory power....plz hlep me