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I hate my nipples!? I'm almost 18 and I have B cup boobs that are actually quite round and perky but with nipples that are 1 1/2- 2 inches and they are a light rosy pink but also puffy, ... They look so weird and big on my small boob size and it 's my biggest insecurity, I love the rest of my body and I'm confident until it comes to the point when a guy wants me to take my shirt off.. I just can't do it. I want to be able to be confident and happy with them but I just feel like the guys I'm with will think its unattractive and ugly because the girls in porn have perfect little nipples.. :(


Hello LittleKitten97

Every girl on this planet is different and the one you see in porn movies, are altered. Nipples come in all sort of shapes and sizes and there is nothing like a perfect nipple. So, b confident, most probably your boyfriend will love them