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I feel off my bike 5 days ago and hurt my wrist. Went to this clinic since I have no insurance and not a lot of money. They took x-rays and said they saw no fracture, so they thought i did damage to a ligament or tendon. They gave me a splint and thats it. Now they just called and said I have small chip in the bone and that i should see a orthopedic specialist so it can heal properly. Can I heal it properly myself? There's no way I have the money for that. What should i do?


I strongly suggest that you seek appropriate treatment as although the bone will heal eventually, you run the risk of complications in later life inc pain, arthritis and depending on where the fracture is, reduced range of movement.

I understand that you may have limited funds but there must be somewhere that you can receive treatment for this fracture - especially when you weigh up the short term cost with the possible long term cost.

let us know how you get on