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Hey, Yh im having issues with me an my bf. He tells me wut to do, thinjs that I cant do things on my own. Like im stupid. An plus when we have sex, i give him oral, but then i tell him well if im gonna satisfy you, r u gonna satisfy me? But then he didnt wanna give me oral, is it bc im not atractive anymore?, does it smell? I dont think it does. But then he tells me his back hurts, well i think thats an excuse. he upset me, i got up, got dressed, an layed back down, starting to cry like a big baby. I always think to myself is it me? Did i do something wrong? Plz help!!! :(


Hi Babygirl,

Dump him.

Why would you put up with this?  There are lots of guys that deserve someone like you and WILL reciprocate.  You aren't stupid, he's trying to "prove" he's smart.