right am a 14 year old girl and heres the story i have a boyfriend will he's really shy and only hugs me and stuff so but i love him for that but my problem is that i think i still like my ex tom see my boyfriend and my ex tom are best mates (awkward) and am happy that we can be friend but i dot think i want to be his friend anymore i think i want him back but he likes my friend iris and it hurts so bad and i feel guilty for liking him because of my boyfriend will but i also get super jelouse because iris doesn't like shes got a boyfriend who she like but shes just stringing him along and he says he loves her to me and tells me everything and the other day i just burst in to tear when he said i love her and its killing me i dont know what to do were never off the phone to eachother i cant move away or will (my boyfriend) will catch on and so will iris (my friend) he knows i like him and a couple of times i have wanted to just kiss him but i haven't i broke up with tom so its my fault were not still together i broke it off becaue i was going through a rough time i had just been dignosed with pdsd and my mum was in and out of hospital and my friend sian was driving me crazy by saying hes a cheat hes going to leave you hes not good enuf for you, you deserve better than him. so through stress i ended it and i think i was a big mistake someone give me some advice because he is never going to get back with me