People have so many mixed opinions about suboxon. The ones that don't understand addiction say they don't agree with the drug because it still gets you high and the user is just supplementing. It's a crutch. Coming from the mouths of people that have never touched a drug in their life. I've never done heroin and I'm not a drug user, but I've experienced withdrawals symptoms from opiates and alcohol in the past and I grew up in an alcoholic home. So I understand addiction to a point. I've tried suboxon a couple of times. The first time I was detoxing horribly off alcohol. The only thing that made me better was another shot. I was putting off the withdrawal symptoms slowly hoping to avoid them. I thought I was going to die. A family member knew what was happening and came over with a half of suboxon. 15 mins later, I was back to normal. I still felt a little funny, but nothing like before I took it. I couldn't believe it. It was like I was possessed and had an exorcism done on me. I think that suboxon is a life saver. It's hard to meet a recovering heroin addict that wasn't on suboxon. Most heroin users don't make it. If your getting high off of heroin, eventually you can't function in reality or the real world. At least suboxon gives you a chance to live your life without the cravings and every other horrible thing that goes along with any kind of opiate. Over time you learn to build your life back together and live comfortably in it. Then eventually you taper off suboxon and never want to go back. If you consider the alternative, I'm sure you'd rather choose suboxon over heroin for yourself or anyone else that you love. Gives addicts a chance to beat the addiction, live their lives, and hopefully become strong enough to live the rest of their lives without the dependency. I had a hard time understanding addiction for a long time. I didn't make sense to me that if your hurting yourself and loved ones that you'd continue to do it. But then I thought that it must be that powerful if they are hurting themselves and their loved ones and continue to do it. I could go on and rebuttal with myself all day. I'm not saying that I agree with supplementing but I do agree with giving some people a way out and a new beginning. Staying positive, active, and healthy is the key. Finding the natural high of life is the best high anyone could ever experience.