Im a recovering heroin addict, and in my experience there is no quick fix, there is no magic drug that will release all withdrawal symptoms. The best advise ( from my experience) is to detox in a clinic under medal care, wheather it be methadone or subutex or suboxon, and gradually be weened off. Valium or other meds can held eleveate some of the withdrawal symptoms but it won't completely take it away, in the end you will feel a sence of discomfort(and that's a consequence os using drugs). It's best to be aroud a group of people who are clean and have walked your path. But stopping is easy, staying stopped is the challenge. For me I found my solution in  a 12 step program, even after being a year clean I stil attend 2 to 3 meetings a week and it works. I surround myself with other clean addicts and  we share our experience strength and hope and help each other. I use any 12 step program, NA, AA, CA,  any of them. Part of the 12 steps  is to have a God of ur own understanding, I never wanted to believe in God , ( as in the bible and going to church ect) but my perception on God according to the 12 steps was all wrong. The beauty of 12 step programs is that it's more spiritual, not religious. I can make God what ever I want it to be, it can be the meeting, my sponsor, the universe, basically anything that is bigger than my addiction. I've learnt I need to do 5 things, I do these 5 things and im free from addiction. 1) attend regular meetings 2) do step work, 3) do service 4) have a sponsor whom I'm inregular contact with, 5) believe in a higher power ie God, for me God mean G-ood O-rderly D-irection, basically doing the next right thing, like karma if you will. If you break the word up STEPS, it means S-olution  T-o E-very P-roplem S-ober.