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I had sex for the very first time. We used a condom and he pulled out just to be extra safe. There were no complications with the condom at all. The sex hurt a little but thats not a big deal for your first time or anything. But about two weeks afterward i started having lower abdominal pain and i feel constantly bloated. My period has never been regular, so that worries me because i couldnt tell if i was prego. Is there a possibility that i could be prego? Or is there maybe something wrong with my reproductive organs? Im just really worried that something is wrong with me. Or maybe the all the worry is adding to me not feeling well?


You are prob ok. But if you want to be sure wait a few weeks to when you think you should start or get a pregnancy test from wal-mart. As long as the condom was on the whole time you should be okay tho.


Me and my girlfriend first had sex last month, im 16, so is she. I wore a condom, and when we first started she was hurting, she had never had sex before, and I was thrusting at a medium pace. She said her vagina, around her vagina, and butt hurt alot (we had anal too) but it was her first time and she did have a tight vagina and butt.
We were able to carry on for an 1 and a half, at different paces in different positions, before giving it a rest and going to sleep.
The next moning we had sex again, this time without a condom and for 3 hours. She did not hurt as much, but she ignored the pain. I did cum in her, however she took the pill after.

That night we had sex again, for this time about an hour, before having a break in between our next bit. We loved it, and we had sex every day for about a month.

One day she began complaining of pain in the same areas you have described, and i was very worried that she might be pregnant. There was a high chance she could be, after having sex every day.

We came to the conclusion however that my penis was so big that her vagina was still getting used to it. Im 8 inches btw, and that some positions hurt her quite alot, like cowgirl and doggy style.
We decided to only have sex once a week, until her vagina was big enough to cope, so we just had blowjobs, titfucks, anal etc.

Hope this helped, i sjould say that this was our experince, and yours xould be much different