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im 14, me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time (both of us lost our v that day) 3 weeks ago, we didnt use a condom, but he pulled out.
im 1 day late, and im cramping like im on, and its just white :/
am i pregnant????


Not trying to scare you but if you do not use protection there is a chance of getting pregnant even with the withdraw method i take it you period was due the 11.4.10??? some time when being sexually active it can mess up our system

Pre-cum is pre-ejaculatory semen. It is the fluid that ejaculates from a man before the "Big Bang." Although it is a small amount, you should always use protection because you can still get pregnant and contract STD's from it.

Pre-ejaculate is made completely separate from semen and sperm. It does NOT contain sperm, however upon its exit of the penis it may contain sperm However... IF there has been sperm in the urethra (is a tube which connects the urinary bladder )from a previous ejaculation. IF/when your Bf orgasms about 98% of the sperm exits his body, so that means 2% of it stays in the penis. and usually washed out upon a urination.(that is why it is always good for him to go to the toilet b4 continuing,But if there has not been a urination then the pre-ejaculate will wash out the sperm, hence the possibility of pre-ejaculate containing sperm.

After saying this Your discharge that you are having Could just be a sign that you period is on her way she is just delayed as you have had sexual intercourse i would aslo suggest that you book your self in for a PAP smear now that you have had sex for the first time this is usually free for young woman up to the age of 18 at your nearest family planning

Hope i have help you in some way