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i am 14 had sex for the first time today with a kid from my town. he wasn't necessarily going fast, but when we were almost done he pulled out and the condom had a little rip in it somehow? luckily i didn't see any cum around it. then he took the condom off and against my will he put it back in for about 30 secs. he took it out and came all over my stomach. i cleaned it up quickly and didn't let any go in my vagina or go anywhere near it. i am scared that pre-cum got in my vagina which can get someone pregnant. it is obviously too early to tell if im pregnant but should i be worried. i don't think that the condom was broken for that long. but i didn't wash my vaj when i got home. i am freaking out and i know my mom would kill me if i got pregnant. i just have a couple of questions because i am new to this whole sex thing. How soon can i take a pregnancy test? Am i over reacting? Should i be worried about being pregnant? What should i do if im pregnant? Do i tell my mom? HELLPPP


Hi Grace! I nor anyone else can tell you IF you are pregnant! Can you be - from him going in unprotected - YES! 1st of all you better mention to him that because of him "Sexually Attacking you" you could now be pregnant!

As a mother I will tell you what I tell my boys - IF you get a girl pregnant THEN come to us first! So your mother does NOT need to know that you might be! Tommorrow morning I want you to go and get a morning after pill/Plan B pill! This HAS to be taken within 72 hours of an oops! So you scare the C**P out of this little pig and get him to go with you!

NOW I will tell you what I have told others! You are FAR too young to be doing this! I KNOW your hormones are rampant, BUT that is irrelevant! BECAUSE depending on where you live IF you were to become pregnant at 14 and the boy is older, he can be charge with "Statutory Rape" He will be known as a child rapist for the rest of his life! And both of your lives will be ruined! ONLY have sex, IF you are ready for the consequences! 14 is WAY too young to be taking on such a HUGE responsibility! So you need to get the morning after pill and take it within 72 hours! Good luck an dhealth!