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I had sex with my boyfriend and condom somehow slipped away at the right beginning.We noticed it after 1 or 2 minutes (so we basically had unprotected sex for those 2 minutes) and than we stopped right away.He didn't ejaculate inside of me.I had my period on june 13th, it ended on 20-21th and we had sex on june 27th.He can't remember if he masterbated that day ,but he is sure that he urinated before we had sex.I couldn't take morning after pill because I'm on some health medications.Tonight I'm going on a summer holyday with my friends and I'm really paranoid and scared.I started feeling pregnancy symptoms like swollen breasts and I feel sick and can't eat anything.Are those pregnancy symptoms or pms because my period should come in 10 days? :( Also I almost don't have vaginal discharge these few days...


Hi Alexa,

There is always a chance of pregnancy.

Precum is considered not to contain sperm though if he has not recently ejaculated, such as in your case.  So the odds should be low.

But, you were likely near when you'd ovulate - near peak fertility.  It only takes one sperm.

It would be early for any symptoms to appear.

Hope it helps.