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Hello to all, My period are regular.This month my periods is due on the 9th,which was yesterday. I was cramping on the 5th,on the 6th i was aalso cramping,my period stayed on that day until the 7th,that night it went off and the next day it was light pink,faded pink and that night it was a lil faded brown,yesterday i didn't seen anything. My cycle stayed on for 2days... Is that implantation bleeding a sign or preg.?


I must ask you is there a good reason why you should think that this could be sign of pregnancy? Did you have unprotected sex? And if you did are you in a monogamist relationship? I am sure that you are aware that condom is the best protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Are you experiencing some other signs of pregnancy besides brown spotting? If you do it would be wise to visit the nearest pharmacy and buy a home pregnancy test. If it comes out negative and you still notice some strange symptoms visit your doctor and let him to do the blood test. This should be the best way to discover the result of your suspicion. And if you are not pregnant you will find out the reason why this month your period looked like that. Let us know about the results.