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Hi I am 16 years old and am not sure about a lot of things and am terribly nervous to go to a doctor abut this because it just seems a very awkward and uncomfortable situation to be involved in. I am not sure if I have hit puberty or not.I have had pubic hair for 2 years now and is continuing to grow and all over my body I have a lot of little blonde hairs that you can barely see unless inspected.I have no facial or armpit hair.I want to ask about my penis though and bum hole.

I am uncircumcised so I have a foreskin. My testicles are only baggy and loose and hang like 30% of the time because the rest of the time they are tighter and smaller.My penis foreskin will not retract because it hurts and some random day I can retract it a little further than normal when it is flaccid but still not far enough that the glans are exposed like in porno's that I watch to stimulate my masturbation and from what I have read a lot about online it is normal to have the glans exposed when the penis is erect.What is wrong?

Also when I think I ejaculate the penis head throbs under the foreskin and clear sticky liquid pours out and down my penis onto my ball sack mixed in my pubic hair but most of it stays stuck on top of the head in the foreskin where I have to scoop it out with my fingers or a tissue.In porno's it looks white or yellowish and squirts out with power and heap of it sometimes but mine just flows out.So is that actually ejaculating cum after an orgasm?

Also my penis is bent like a banana except not like the bend pointing up instead it points down to the ground bent and is hard to jerk off normally because it is bent and hurts to be held and pulled straight and I've looked up bent penis stuff but it is all the wrong way or completely different so what is this?

Also I think I have pearly penile papules on my penis and some not so obvious on my ball sack.But some of them are harder around my head of my penis and on the foreskin where they can hurt and be irritating and annoying because they are like an unpoppable pimple on my penis but it is hard like a pebble but small like a pimple and yellow coloring?

Also on my as****e when I take a poo this strange purple thingy pops out and makes it difficult to poo because it tightens the poo hole as it makes it a very small hole to push poo out of.It is squishy when I wipe my bum and is very soft but has not gone away after like an entire year but it doesn't look like a hemorrhoid or bearing or anything that I have googled.So what is it?

Have I hit puberty and am I going to need an operation or anything?Please help me.

Maybe this is a severe visit to the Doctor that I have to man up and go to but I just wanted to see if anybody else had these problems and could help.Thanks



1.  You are in puberty.  You can ejaculate and have pubic hair.

2.  It is NORMAL for your foreskin to not retract until around age 16 or so.  YOU need to start stretching it.  Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so the glans (head) stretches the opening OR use your fingers.  Do it as often as you can.  You may find it easier in the shower, the warm water helps soften the skin.  You will find the glans sensitive, almost painful, when you touch it at first.  It's been protected by your foreskin and is not used to being touched.  You'll get used to it soon.

Yes, it should fully retract when you are erect.

3.  Very few penises are perfectly straight.  Most bend, left, right, up and yes even down. 

4.  Not all guys "shoot" when they ejaculate.  Many just "ooze."  It's NORMAL.  Semen is often clear when you first start to ejaculate and become more "milky" as you get older.  It often appears yellowish on a tissue - NORMAL.

5.  Armpit hair often comes in around 16 or so.  Facial hair too. 

6.  That purple thing is a hemorrhoid.  If you strain on the toilet they are likely to occur.  They can become painful. 

7.  Pearly Penile Papules are normal and not an STD.  They can increase your pleasure during sex.

We all develop at different rates/times.  You are developing NORMALLY.

Hope it helps.





OMG thankyou so much this was incredible.Thankyou so much my friend


do you think the non retracting foreskin relates to the downwards hook like bend